Some tips to leverage LinkedIn 😉

Some tips to leverage LinkedIn 😉

Take your LinkedIn to next level

In the last blog, we got to know about a community-based program ( Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador ) offered by Microsoft.

Here we are with yet another blog, for all those folks who want to outstand their profiles, making the process easier in grabbing internship or job opportunities.

Now with this image, one phrase must strike in your head that everyone has unique skills that can’t be tested in one single type way. Similarly, in tech, you can’t showcase your different types of skills through one platform, For example, If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll need to focus more on your Behance portfolio. In the same way, if you’re applying for an internship as a web developer, you’ll need to have great projects on your GitHub.

But LinkedIn is common in all. LinkedIn not only provides you with a platform to connect with like-minded professionals, but a place to build your personal brand, share your intellect with your network, and provide greater detail about yourself and your experiences. It is a complete package from searching for opportunities to showcasing your skills and your ability.

So, let’s begin with some optimization as the more we get the process right, the closer we get to the targets.

1. Title says a lot about us ℹ️

The title or Headline is the first thing that recruiters notice on your profile as in the professional world everyone knows us through our work, so it’s a replacement for the name in the professional world. The keywords you use in your Headline are what help your profile show up on a recruiter’s LinkedIn search when they are searching for candidates, so make sure

  • Put on your title for what you want to know, like “Technology lead focussing on DevOps with an emphasis on Docker” or “Node.js (Typescript) and React Developer with DevOps.”

  • Keep it short and if it is a technical role then be specific with your tech stack,

“Aspiring Developer” ❌ “Aspiring .NET Developer” ✅

Backend Developer” ❌ “Backend Node.js Developer”

2. Good Headshot 🎭

It is easy to remember you with your face as compared to your name, hence our profile picture should be a decent one in which our face is clearly visible.

Points to be remembered, so that it looks like a professional photo:

  • Photo with a clear face and a transparent background.

  • Put the same profile picture on every social for personal branding.

  • People want to know you better only, so avoid group pictures.

3. Better with Banner 🍁

A banner is something that you should take into consideration. You can make your profile look more good with an appropriate banner. Make this your best impression.

  • You can customize your own banner which can be a graphical representation of what you do or what you have done so far.

  • You can also use an image/photo as a banner that shows your hard work or how you have done work collaboratively.

  • Make sure that the banner is responsive and properly visible on both mobile and desktop.

4. Who you are? 🤠

About section helps others/recruiters in getting to know you better. It is important to make it short and precise, should be readable in approx. 15 sec because more recruiters got bored or tired reading it hence skipping your profile.

  • Use bullet points.

  • Don’t use fluff words like passionate, curious, hardworking etc., since everyone is hardworking and curious in their respective works. 🤐

    Try to state the following points:

  • Specific tech stack in which you are working or willing to provide service.

  • Year of Experience (if any )

  • Targeting job opportunities for a specific role.

  • Any achievement.

  • Any other side work that you enjoy doing like creating content, public speaker, etc

5. Feature yourself 🎋

The feature section is the most valuable section of LinkedIn and we should be extremely tailored here, use this section very wisely. You can use this section for showcasing, some proof of work like the following as people or hiring managers are visual people, if you give them a vision of what you made, they are more likely to click on that as opposed to text that says no preview.t

  • Your GitHub account link.

  • Blog website.

  • Code Samples or projects with a screenshot.

  • Any achievement post like cracking GSoC, Outreachy, or any speaker opportunity at any conference.

Don’t put:

  • Your certificate is posted over here.

6. Let’s have a look at your Experience 👀

The most vital section, this section gives a reason for the recruiters and anyone in tech what’s you worth, or why should anyone give you a 5 figure, this is the place where you will convince them, so you need to put in more effort than just updating. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Job Description is a must which helps the recruiter understand what you did over there and most importantly point out what you learned or achieved from that experience.

  • Use bullet points

  • Give actual metrics.

  • Justify your title: If you are using some fancy word as your title or your company has given you some special title then explain it, as others don’t know what it actually means and might skip your profile after being confused.

  • Got spell check.

7. Education section | License & certificate | Skills & Endorsements

These sections are not that important, if you have one just put it on. Certificates don’t matter a lot to people, only certificates that have value are cloud certificates, AWS, oracle certificates, or anyone which requires a lot of months to study to pass. The endorsement also does not matter that much as it is directly proportional to the number of friends you have 😉

8. Recommendations | Interest

Most recruiters think that you must have at least one recommendation but if you don’t have one then also it is fine. Interest, this section doesn’t matter to some recruiters as they don’t scroll that down but for some of them, check whether you are following companies that are relevant and also whether you are following their company.

Sooooooo, if you have read it till here, “Cheers 🥂 You already got that!”✍️(◔◡◔)

Now, all you want to do is work on these tips and get the most out of the platform. Before ending the blog have some pro tips for you, thanks me later (✿◕‿◕✿)

Pro Tip:

  • Make the info as easy and understandable as possible so that the recruiters and profile visitors can access it, but if you make it hard and they have to work for it, they will pass over, not knowing that your profile is even listed over there.

  • The more you confuse the recruiter, the lower your chances of being considered.

  • Share your Journey, create content, and share it in public and it will help you and others in some or another way.

If you want me to review your LinkedIn Profile, Reach out to me.

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Will be happy to help :)

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