Wanna be an MLSA: Here's what you need to know.

Wanna be an MLSA: Here's what you need to know.

MLSA ( Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador )

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, the biggest global tech community. We will be covering all the insights about MLSA. So let’s begin

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador aka MLSA is a program by Microsoft to bring all the students, who have a passion for technology from around the world under one roof. Students who have the desire and craze to learn more about technology and want to help others from their experience, hence giving back to the community.

Now, what is this thing “Giving Back to Community” ?


We can often see this everywhere, everyone in the tech community talks about this. So you must have gone to someone to seek guidance in your learning phase now it’s your turn to help others with your experience, or the learning you got by making mistakes so that others won’t repeat those mistakes, you made, that's what we call giving back to the community.

Now coming back to MLSA, ambassadors get an opportunity to network with their peers, learning in public, mentors, and professionals, learn various Microsoft technologies, and implement them in the real world.

Before jumping to the topic that Why you should apply? , Let's discuss learnings that you will get by being an MLSA, when you enrol yourself as an MLSA, there are innumerous learings, my biggest learning is, it helped me reducing my stage fear and public speaking.

Why you should apply?

Let’s discuss why should you apply to become MLSA or what perks you will get other than networking.

Join the MLSA community to network with peers all over the world, get guidance from industry experts, to get the exposure that lacks in most colleges besides of these, Microsoft also provides support to students by providing them the following perks that can be used for learning and education purpose.

  • Access to Microsoft 365, plus TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia screen capture and recording software.

  • Visual Studio Enterprise subscription and $150 monthly Azure credits (These credits can be used to hire the cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure for educational purposes).

  • Exam certification vouchers.

  • LinkedIn Learning.

  • Event support and Event Incentives.

  • Engagement with Cloud Advocates and Microsoft MVPs.

  • Student Ambassador Milestone badges to highlight program accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile.

Milestones of MLSA

As your application gets selected, you will be NEW Student Ambassador and receives access to the community on Microsoft Teams (Professional Social Platform) where you can interact with mentors, professionals, etc, and access to your Microsoft 365 account as well.

There are 3 milestones that you have to achieve to avail the other benefits.


Complete a learning path on Microsoft Learn and your azure credits worth $150 monthly credits and visual studio enterprise subscription will get unlocked. You will also get a free Name.com domain, and LinkedIn learning subscription.


To achieve this milestone you have to complete technical onboarding on GitHub and have to host one session on Microsoft teams using any Microsoft technology. Once you got both two you will be receiving amazing swags from the MLSA community and an invitation to attend the annual Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Summit.


You will be invited to be a Gold MLSA, which is the top most milestone of MLSA Community as a gratitude of your contribution to the community. You'll gain access to special events, and may also be invited to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP),will receive Gold MLSA Swag Kit with super amazing goodies! (Including the benefits of Alpha and Beta)

You can also refer to the picture below for more details!


Now If you are motivated enough and are excited to be a part of the biggest community in tech or give back to the community then let's have a look at how to apply and its process.

excited 1.png

How to apply?

The Application form is open throughout the year, the selections are done on a quarterly basis.

To apply for MLSA, you don't need to be an expert, what matters is that you have a passion for technology and for your community.

The most crucial section of the application is the essay questions that will make your application stand out. You have to answer three essay questions, out of which one must be in video format.

As I often say that community is all about Learning in public, Interactive environments, and networking thus with these questions they just wanted to know how will you add value to the community.

Some key points which should be kept in mind while answering the questions.

  • Guide Assume yourself in the situation when you were learning stuff on your own and teach the concept like you wanted to learn or your approach to tackle or to learn a concept or technical skills.

  • Welcome Share about your experience when you help someone to get started with tech and encourage them to interact or contribute to the community.

  • Connect In this one, they just wanted to evaluate a bunch of things like your spirit to help others, your spirit to make that diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can come and learn and get involved, and your managing skills.

TIP : Be authentic with your answers.


The applicant should be a minimum of 16 years at the time of submission and enrolled full-time in an accredited academic institution like a college or university.

You can apply for this program through this link : Apply to be an MLSA

I got to know about this program through LinkedIn and then after researching a lot, applied for the same, got selected on my second attempt and here I am learning and giving back to the community !!

By being part of this program you got to learn a lot, not only your technical skills got enhanced but other non-tech skills as well.

Some points that I want to highlight before applying for being an MLSA :

  • Don’t apply only for swags.

  • Apply to add some value to the program, and community.

  • Apply to learn, explore and help others.

If you have any queries in filling the form feel free to reach out to me!

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Best wishes !!

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